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BUSHTEL is being redeveloped and will be released in January 2017.

BUSHTEL users are invited to check out www.bushready.nt.gov.au which offers practical advice and tools for planning travel to remote areas.

The BUSHTEL and Bushready websites are essential resources to help ensure successful remote engagement and coordination.

Bushtel is a central point for information about the regions in the Northern Territory, its people and communities, its cultural and historical influences and the statistics and data that allow for informed decision-making. It is named after the famous bush telegraph, the unofficial chain of communication through which news, information and rumours were spread throughout the country. The term became synonymous with the quick carriage of any tale worth telling.

It is designed as a “one-stop shop” for information from many different Northern Territory Government agencies. It allows instant access to vital sources of information such as population statistics, maps, aerial photographs, health and emergency services, schools, building plans and key contacts for communities and regions.

The website is an essential source of information not only for those coming to live in the Territory, but for tourists, tradesmen, teachers, contractors and anyone else interested in the north of Australia’s sheer diversity of culture and economy.